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Bring Comfort Anywhere: Presenting Uratex Portable Foams

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Sleepng is everyone’s favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, we can’t always bring with us our beloved bed mattresses anywhere we want. This means that, when we are left with no other choice, we can’t help but sleep uncomfortably sitting down or on a rough, hard surface. But are we really left with no other options? Worry no more because URATEX solved this universal dilemma the day we introduced our portable foam system!

uratex sleepmate mattressSleepmate Mattress

The Sleepmate Mattress is the perfect “mate” for you, as it was manufactured to make everyone comfortable in any function that it is being used – whether it be during after lunch naps, sleepovers, extra mats, or even for outdoor picnics!

For information about its sizes and corresponding prices, just check it here.

uratex siesta mattressSiesta Mattress

Siesta – a nap in the afternoon, just right after lunch. Since it’s just a short nap, a portable mattress will be ideal (especially if you’ll put them away after use). This convenient and foldable mattress is really very comfortable and is very ideal for sleepovers too!

The Siesta Mattress is made from Uratex’s famous foam. Because of that, the quality of this mattress is truly top notched. It also has 5 years warranty, unlike other mattresses, because Uratex believes that each person deserves a sound and comfortable sleep.

For information about its sizes and corresponding prices, just check it here.

uratex slumber cool mattressSlumber Cool Mattress

The Slumber Cool mattress is not like any other portable mattresses. Unlike the first two portable mattresses, the Slumber Cool mattress can also be used as a mattress enhancer – something that you can use to upgrade your current mattress. The great thing with this portable mattress is that, as its name suggests, has the comfort and softness of foam while having the cooling effect of a straw mat in a portable mattress.

Another one of its cool features is that you can choose any side to sleep on! You can use the classy quilted cover side or the banig side, which is proven to be cool and smooth (in case you are wondering whether you’ll be able to sleep well because it has a banig side). The Slumber Cool mattress is made from durable woven plastic materiel – making it last for a long time and guaranteed to not irritate your skin.

Also, since it is a portable mattress, it was made with convenience in mind, as it’s easy to carry and can be used as a mat for various purposes such as picnics and sleepovers. It also has space saving advantages as part of its convenience since it comes with the ability to fold snugly against the walls and tuck them away when not in use, making it a total space-saver. And the last but definitely not its least feature would be its would be its colors: cream, pink, blue, and grey!

For information about its sizes and corresponding prices, just check it here.

Interested in ? Contact Uratex rightaway or just comment below! Happy sleeping and snoozing!