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A Sleepyhead's Guide to Choosing A Memory Foam Mattress

About Memory Foam Mattress

The past two decades saw the rise of memory foam as the most popular type of foam mattress. Although the earliest variety of memory foam was developed by a NASA-funded research in 1966—when it was then known as temper foam—it wasn’t until the early 1990s that this innovation hit the consumer market.

From then on, memory foam mattress has enjoyed a reputation for its quality and comfort. Today, it is increasingly becoming a household name among sleep experts and enthusiasts. The composition of memory foam makes it ideal for supporting the body’s natural lines and softening different pressure points. It also has a good record in handling body heat and mitigating allergens. Memory foam mattresses now contributes in the industry sales.

Know your memory foam mattress

If you’re planning to purchase one, you should consider a few things like the mattress type, the basic features you can expect and really want, and the other brand benefits like warranties and trial periods. If you’re still in the research process, check out the following guide on how to choose the right memory foam mattress.


What to Consider in Getting Your Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress type according to material

Mattress type according to material

All memory foam mattresses adhere to a high level of quality. They all offer groundbreaking features that other mattress types lack. Apart from the standard kind, there are other types of memory foam mattresses that you may find in the market. If you’re wondering what is the best memory foam mattress, there is no one type that rules out the rest. There is a handful of memory foam mattress pros and cons, so it’s up to you to determine which mattress type you’re more comfortable with.


senso memory original

The Senso Memory Original is your choice for a high-density memory foam.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

The standard memory foam mattress that uses a high-density material and promotes good blood circulation is in the Senso Memory Original. It is encased with Tencel knitted fabric that helps keep the bed cool.


senso memory ultima

The Senso Memory Ultima is your premium memory foam infused with gel beads to absorb heat.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

On the other hand, gel-based memory foam uses either gel beads or a mixture of gel and foam. The Senso Memory Ultima belongs to this classification. It was developed with Hydragel® technology that infuses memory foam with gel beads that absorb heat and provide optimal airflow.


Density and pressure sensitivity

Density and pressure sensitivity

Perhaps one of the most important tips in choosing a memory foam is to check out its density. How soft or firm do you want your bed to be? The density shouldn’t be so low that you always end up sinking into the mattress. Your bed will stop retaining its shape after only a few months of use if this becomes a constant scenario. You also don’t want an extremely dense mattress as it can make you uncomfortable. Choose memory foams with the ideal density that can properly support your weight and contour according to your body curves.


senso memory extra

The Senso Memory Extra Mattress molds to your body movements and distributes pressure evenly.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Memory foam density can also play a part in pressure point relief, back support, and spine alignment as well as pain relief and prevention. Lying in one position for a long time can leave your muscles trapped between gravity’s downward pull and the bed’s upward resistance. When this happens, you will experience pressure sores and pain in sensitive areas unless you make sure that your memory foam mattress has the right density and pressure-relieving features like the Senso Memory Extra Mattress.

To add into your choices of sleep care mattresses, you may also get the Senso Memory Ultima Plus for coolness that helps you get into the dreamland faster. It is built with Cooler® knit fabric for an enhanced cooling effect that lowers the body temperature by up to 2°C.


Restricting dust mites and other allergens

dust mites and other allergens

All sleep care items in your house should be totally clean and hygienic to prevent the spread of allergies and diseases. In the bedroom, one of the potential breeding grounds of allergens and viruses is the bed. A typical innerspring mattress can house up to 10 million dust mites due to its fluffy fiber paddings and open spaces. It’s easier for dust mites to infect your bed when there’s plenty of room for them to multiply. Water and air beds are also not ideal since they are prone to mildew and mold.

Of course, the same cannot be said about a memory foam bed since it is designed to mitigate the spread of dust mites. The dense cellular structure of a memory foam makes it a hostile environment for microbes and other allergens. Memory foam mattresses like the Senso Memory Original, Senso Memory Extra, and the Senso Memory Ultima are all treated with Sanitized® technology that protects them against bacteria growth, odor, mildew, and dust mites.


Motion isolation and impact absorption

Motion isolation and impact absorption

The different sleep essentials in your bedroom like the mattress and pillows should always be of the highest quality. Sleep is as crucial as food or shelter so you should make sure that you’re getting the best of it by investing in high-grade sleep accessories. In order to know what to consider when choosing a memory foam mattress, you should do a thorough research about each type. You can’t bargain with features like motion isolation and impact absorption because you need them to fully enjoy your mattress.

One of the reasons why couples and light sleepers choose memory foam mattress is that it can reduce motion transfer. You can toss and turn in your bed without disturbing your partner. You can adjust your sleeping position any time of the night, and your partner won’t feel a thing. This is all thanks to the cellular nature of the memory foam—it cushions rather than transfers motion.


Temperature control

temperature control

Photo courtesy of Lars Plougmann via Flickr, Creative Commons

If you live in the Philippines or any tropical country, you should take temperature control as a major criterion in choosing a memory foam mattress. Mattresses naturally get hot as they handle body heat, but memory foam does a good job in regulating it. Uratex is a trusted brand of memory foam mattress in the Philippines, and it does a great job in keeping its mattresses cool and dry despite the humidity. These mattresses contain air channels that disperse heat and allow cool air to circulate inside the bedding.



Warranty and special restrictions

Warranty and special restrictions

Buying a memory foam mattress is not as easy as you think. Before you make that final credit card swipe, you should check your chosen brand’s warranty information. You’re happy with your choice now, but what happens if you find out something fishy down the line? That’s what warranties are for. In case there’s a factory defect, you can use the warranty to claim certain rights. Find out how long your mattress warranty is, how reliable the company is, what the warranty coverage, and how long the full coverage lasts. Also, check if there are special restrictions that you should prepare for. Some brands are known to reject the warranty if the mattress is missing some tags.

What to do next?

For years, many of us have been forced to settle for mediocre, low-grade beds that do little to give us a peaceful slumber. Now that the invention of memory foam mattress has proven to be the answer to our problems, nights of disturbed sleep are finally over. Grant yourself the comfort you deserve by visiting any Uratex showroom now for a glimpse of the wonders of memory foam mattress.