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How Sleep Care Technology Will Look Like A Few Years from Now

Most people will agree that technology is keeping people awake. We check our phones by the minute, without or without alerts, and casually turn them on in the middle of the night when we’re jolted awake. We watch our favorite television series on every screen possible. We read work-related emails and actually call it a day past our bedtime.

day past our bedtime

Photo courtesy of Aasha Ramdeen

Technology has made sleep harder to come by, yes? Well, perhaps not entirely. Bed technology is so much more than just hitting the snooze button when you want extra 10 minutes to sleep. It’s also about helping people get a restful sleep. Through mattress technology, people can now drift off easily and more comfortably. It also has added perks such as health care while you are in dreamland.

Mankind has indeed come a long way from sleeping on a pile of rocks and leaves to the most technologically-advanced bed mattresses. This is the future of sleep. We can now stop counting sheep because today, the sleep industry has done the counting for us and so much more.

Here are the sleep trends that will change your love story with your bed as you know it. Let us look at how the future of sleep looks like and while you’re at it, try to stay awake.


Support, Comfort, and Hygiene

Support, Comfort, and Hygiene

Let us give you a cool sleeping experience with the Senso Memory Original.
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Mattresses are not just springs and foams anymore. These days, they are designed to work hard while you sleep. The latest in sleep technology include memory foam mattresses, corrective mattresses, thermal control foam, and more.

Visco-elastic foam, such as the Senso Memory Original by Uratex Premium Collection, eases pressure and promotes good blood circulation while making you feel comfortable. Modern foam technology also adjusts to your body, giving it extreme plush support.

The advanced 3D Spacer Fabric side panels present in the Uratex Airlite Wind let air flow freely for a comfortable sleep. It has an open cell convoluted foam with 3D Spacer fabric for its side panel which distributes heat and helps maintain an ideal sleep temperature. It it also made with an egg crate design to alleviate pressure points.

Encased in a special knitted fabric, innovative bed mattresses don’t only keep you feeling refreshed. Since it’s treated by Sanitized, it is protect against the growth of bacteria and dust mites. So, say goodbye to those bed-related allergies that cause non-stop sneezing upon waking up.


Have A Healthy Sleep

Have a healthy sleep

Improving the way you sleep, now, becomes easier with the Legett and Platt
Adjustable Base available in Ronac Lifestyle Center Magallanes
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Now, you can have your overall health monitored while you’re asleep. And no, it’s nothing like being confined in a hospital bed.

Mattresses can now connect to portable devices. So, now you have a good reason to keep your mobile devices close when you sleep. What do they do exactly? They track how well you sleep and even make suggestions so you can sleep better. It adjusts the firmness or softness of the foam to remove tension off your spine. That is sleep care at its finest.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Companies are also developing mattresses that can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and even menstrual cycles. This is best paired with all the sleep apps that are gaining popularity as more and more people find it harder to sleep.


Your Temperature Buddy

Your temperature buddy

Photo courtesy of 101 Pallet Ideas via Pinterest

A bed that regulates and adjusts to your body temperature seems like something you’d only see in a sci-fi movie. But actually, such foam technology already exists. Phase Change Materials (PCMs) make this possible. These materials absorb, store, and release body heat. One such innovative mattress is the Uratex Cool Reverie Pinnacle. Its Adaptive© fabric allows for thermal control, adjusting the temperature and breathability of the mattress. While mattresses that keep you cool through the night are already leading the way in sleep technology, PCMs go one level higher by transforming in order to regulate your body temperature to keep you comfortable all night.


Age of Nap Pods

age of nap pods

Photo courtesy of Sleepace

Among the sleep trends that are quickly gaining ground are nap pods. They are not only cool, they actually help energize the body quickly even while at work. Google has them so expect the world to totally dig them. And why not? A study published in the Journal of Sleep Research found that nap benefits include improved alertness and cognitive performance.

This technology encourages “sleeping on the job” literally so you don’t sleep on it figuratively (which is unproductive, of course). Nap pods, which look like a chaise with a hood, provide varying degrees of darkness and relaxing sounds that will help you sleep better and become more alert. Alertness increases productivity as soon as you wake up, feeling energized and ready to go.

The interest in the wonderful world of sleep is growing. And rightfully so. As the world becomes more fast-paced and people get easily stressed, it’s nice to know that people finally realize the importance of a restful sleep. At a time when a full eight hours of sleep is considered a luxury, it is great news that sleep technology has made it easier for everyone to drift off.

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