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Great Space Savers Worth Investing In

blog-img-spaceSaversToday, living in an urban area makes space a luxury. More people are leaning towards choose a condominium or a small apartment near where they work or study to lessen stress from traffic. Therefore, they opt to look for pieces that can be multi-purpose fit for their lifestyle. Sofa beds and foldable mattress can be a solution that can both function for the living and sleeping area, saving you a lot of space and money.

Here are four great space savers which are worth investing in:


Sofa Bed


Upholstered in luscious, textured fabric, sofabeds presents itself in a more sophisticated look. More than just a regular sofa, it is a great space-saver as it can easily convert into an extra sleeping space for overnight guests.


Cosmo Sofa Bed

Cosmo Sofabed

The Cosmo Sofa bed makes a sleek addition to any modern living space. Dressed in rich Dobby fabric paired in neutral color schemes, this sofa bed is both elegant and contemporary. Its contoured, rounded finish not only gives a clean look but also, offers a more comfortable seating experience.

Strata Sofabed

Strata Sofabed

Strata Sofabed

Style meets function with Strata. It can easily switch into a couch, lounge, and a bed. Unlike regular sofa beds, Strata sofa bed has a higher backrest for extra support. Its portable design makes it perfect for small spaces.


CoolZen Mattress

Portable Mat

Portable mat, traditionally called as “futon” by many, is a flat mattress that can be folded. As it is a thinner mattress, it can easily be stored during the day, transforming your room from a bedroom to a living room.

Airlite Futon

Airlite Futon

Airlite Futon

From the innovative Airlite Foam Mattress collection comes Airlite Futon, the only collection that uses Sleep Cool Technology. It combines the best of both worlds: open cell foam and 3D Spacer Fabric that lets air flow freely, so you feel cool and dry while you sleep.

Fold-A-Mattress with Polycotton Cover

Fold-A-Mattress with Polycotton Cover

Fold-a-Mat with Polycotton Cover

Fold-a-Mat with Polycotton Cover is a three-fold mat that is designed for convenience and durability. As an all-purpose mat, it can be serve as an extra sleeping space for overnight guests. It can also present itself as a playmat for the kids as they play and watch TV. Its polycotton fabric cover is both removable and washable. Plus, it is lightweight so you can easily store or transfer it in any room.