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25 Dream Holiday Home Designs to Fill You with Merriment

It’s less than 100 days before Christmas. While many people consider their home as the place for merriment, the yuletide season can really be stressful. To avoid the holiday stress, let’s get ready with the home design first.

ready with the home design

Whether you want to cozy up your home with a sleep care mattress bed or beautify your living room with awesome DIY decor, it’s better to do things ahead of time. To avoid your festive spirit from becoming frenzied, start early and be inspired with these 25 Christmas home design ideas for the holidays.

1. Cards hanging on a string

cards hanging on the string

Photo courtesy of ProFlowers / Personal Collections

Christmas cards on a string, a candy-shaped wreath, reindeer decorations, and a noel sign on your table—well, it looks like the holiday spirit came just in time.

2. Dining extravaganza

Dining extravaganza

Photo courtesy of Emily May via Flickr, Creative Commons

Metallic trees as your centerpiece can level up the design impact and merrymaking.

3. Gleaming decorative balls

Gleaming decorative balls

Imagine them shimmering under your Christmas tree. Having these gleaming Christmas balls around is just one of the most delightful holiday home design ideas.

4. Plush pillows and covers

plush pillows and covers

Photo courtesy of Emily May via Flickr, Creative Commons

Whether it’s for your sofa or your mattress foam, festive pillows and sheets can quickly upgrade your living room and bedroom designs.

5. Miniature Christmas tree

Miniature Christmas Tree

Photo courtesy of ProFlowers / Personal Collections

Apart from the main Christmas tree in your living room, place these miniature trees with lights in other areas of your home.

6. Luxurious holiday with Airlite Wind

holiday with airlite wind

Design your holiday in style and comfort with the Uratex Airlite Wind
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

For your home furniture, choose home essentials that are innovative, stylish and comfortable. The Uratex Airlite Wind is on top of that list. Formulated with Sleep Cool® Technology that effectively lets the air flow freely, it helps maintain an ideal sleep temperature right after those festive but exhausting Christmas reunions. Surely, you get to wake up joyful and ready for more festivities.

7. Holiday-themed desk

Holiday-themed desk

Deadlines don’t stop during the holidays. Do they? You better gear up with enough merriment through your office or work area design. Get it with a holiday theme by adding items such as a red mouse pad and a miniature Christmas tree. These can remind you of the Christmas spirit despite your busy schedule.

8. The scents of Christmas

the scent of christmas

Heighten the holiday mirth and smell the Christmas spirit by adding cinnamon sticks, anise, and pine in your decorative home dishes.

9. Sparkling glassware

sparkling glassware

Aim for a stylish celebration (without breaking the bank) with sparkling glassware.

10. Adorable imps

Adorable imps

Consider adding a pair of adorable imps to make your usual display of Santa, angels, and reindeers more fun.

11. Golden teacup

golden teacup

Drinking holiday drinks such as hot chocolate and orange-cinnamon tea can feel relaxing and festive with golden teacups. You can use them for afternoon gatherings with the uncles and aunties or as a good display decor for your kitchen.

12. Cozy red blanket

cozy red blanket

Photo courtesy of Emily May via Flickr, Creative Commons

A cozy red blanket on your sofa or chairs can upgrade your living room and bed designs.

13. Creative DIY trinkets

Creative DIY trinkets

You don’t have to spend a lot in designing your home for the holidays. Take care of your budget with DIY Christmas home decor that you can even give as presents. Padded Christmas trinkets, for example, are great to add a personal touch to a holiday decor.

14. Kaleidoscopic lights

Kaleidoscopic Lights

Illuminate your home with bright, kaleidoscopic lights.

15. Garland at the staircase

garland at the staircase

Photo courtesy of ProFlowers / Personal Collections

A garland on the railing or banister of your staircase just feels so homey and chic.

16. Gentle flicker of a candle

Gentle flicker of a candle

Scented candles add a play of lights and impart different lovely holiday smells. Perfect for the bathroom and bed designs for small spaces.

17. Casual yet merry outdoor space

Casual yet merry outdoor space

Photo courtesy of ProFlowers / Personal Collections

Exalt the holidays in your outdoor space with an inviting country theme.

18. Personalized Christmas stockings

personalized christmas stockings

Photo courtesy of ProFlowers / Personal Collections

Personalized, colorful DIY holiday stockings can put everyone in the mood for the holidays.

19. Rustic starlight

rustic starlight

This rustic starlight is great for those who want to celebrate with understated elegance.

20. Festive table setting

festive table setting

Photo courtesy of ProFlowers / Personal Collections

Design your home to the nines with a festive table setting, complete with napkin rings.

21. Avoid the Holiday stress with Uratex Airlite Zephyr

Avoid the Holiday stress

Have a stress-free season with the Uratex Airlite Zephyr
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Let the Uratex Airlite Zephyr help you avoid holiday stress with the medium firm feel that can effectively reduce muscle tension.

22. Holiday bouquets

holiday bouquets

Photo courtesy of ProFlowers / Personal Collections

Holiday bouquets with votive candles in front of a mirror exude a charming holiday style.

23. Welcoming door

welcoming door

Invite the Christmas spirit with a decorative wreath on your front door.

24. Sweeten Up

sweeten up

Make everyone excited by decorating your dining area with unique confections.

25. Loving atmosphere

loving atmosphere

Elevate your home decor with a matching Christmas hat and dog collar for your pets. It can be a great way to adapt your four-legged loved ones to your home design for the holidays.

So, which of these designs are your favorites? From stress-relieving Uratex sleep care items to heartwarming decorative pieces, follow these home design ideas for a festive and merry Christmas season. Enjoy the holidays!