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Power of Napping and Its Benefits to Workers

It’s time to stop associating napping with lazy people. Even science won’t back it up. In fact, naps, on top of a good night’s sleep, help working professionals be more efficient and productive.

There is no reason to feel guilty about napping, even in the workplace. Why do you think nap pods are on the rise and are considered revolutionary? When you want to be a winner at work, you don’t just manage your time—you also manage your energy.

Power of Napping and Benefits to Workers

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The importance of nap and sleep to one’s general health and overall well-being cannot be discounted. While they can never substitute quality nighttime sleep, a midday snooze can help you function better during the day.

But how long should a rejuvenating nap be?

Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus says it really depends on the result you desire. A 10 to 20-minute nap will already help you boost energy levels and alertness and you will wake up very easily. On the other hand, 90 minutes will let you fall into a deep sleep—allowing your body to complete a sleep cycle with all the benefits. You will wake up feeling refreshed, without the grogginess. But if you sleep for 30 minutes to an hour, you might feel a little “sleep hangover.” This is because your brain rests after 30 minutes and interrupting it can make you feel more tired.

The science behind naps and good sleep tells us we should have both. The benefits of naps, long or short, range from increasing productivity to making you feel happier. This means you don’t need to make any more excuses to take a midday snooze. It’s science, and it is your job to listen to your body.

Growing impatient? Take a nap

Workers Nap Growing Impatient

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There are times at work when you just lose it. You are losing your cool, and you are losing your patience. Instead of screaming on deaf ears or arguing to no avail, why don’t you breathe, rest your weary mind, and take a nap?

A research from the University of Michigan found out how naps can cure frustrations. In the research, participants were asked to complete a frustrating task of drawing geometric designs. Those who napped prior to the task were able to draw for 90 seconds, while those who didn’t gave up in 48 seconds.

If your work is full of stressful events, it’s your cue to take napping pillows to the office. Take a few minutes off your day to nap and you will be more patient in dealing with frustrating workplace matters.

Be more alert

Do you sometimes feel like you just want to crash? Don’t push your body too hard. Instead, doze off for a while.

At a time when working professionals wake up way too early and go home late to avoid the rush hour traffic, getting a solid eight hours of sleep would be considered lucky. And when they don’t, they naturally feel foggy and groggy upon waking up. The day hasn’t started yet, but everyone’s just tired.

Wokers Nap Be More Alert

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Regain your alertness by taking a midday shuteye, and it doesn’t matter if you are chained to your desk. Sleep well and sleep fast with the Senso Memory Ultima Plus Neckease Pillow, an extra plush pillow ideal for office nappers or travel. This portable pillow for work is formulated with Hydragel beads and encased in a Cooler® knit fabric for a refreshingly cool sleep, perfect for hot summer months. It also supports your head and neck while reducing pressure points.

Do you remember?

Workers Nap Do You Remember

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Are you going to have a make-or-break presentation within the week? Is your monthly report due? Or did you forget to prepare?

One of the many benefits of naps is that it sharpens your memory and helps you remember important information. A group of researchers from Germany found out how napping can help you remember things as much as five times better. The scientific explanation is that the brain’s hippocampus, which consolidates information, is supercharged during sleep. This is why napping is also recommended for students who are constantly bombarded with academic requirements.

So rather than pulling an all-nighter and depriving yourself of sleep just to memorize everything in your presentation, take a nap instead and let your brain do the work for you.

Good for your heart

We live in stressful environments. Employees and workers eat and breathe stress every single day. And sometimes, stress takes immeasurable toll and affect the heart. Midday naps can help reverse all of that.

A study published in The Washington Post showed that workers who took daytime siesta were more than 30% less likely to die of heart disease. In fact, another British study found that blood pressure drops before you fall asleep. This means that just the anticipation of naps can already make you healthier.

Workers Nap Good For Your Heart

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This makes investing in a memory pillow even more worth it. The Senso Memory Cervical Pillow conforms to the shape of your head and has a contoured top for better neck support. It provides instant relief from pressure points that are usually triggered when we are stressed out.

Napping prevents burnout. Don’t race without rest. Taking a nap is like having a system reboot—even your computer needs one.

Boost creativity and productivity

Workers Nap Boost Creativity and Productivity

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Who wouldn’t love a creative and productive employee? An employee’s performance is often based on these qualities and this is why naps are becoming increasingly important for professionals.

A study by Sara Mednick of the University of California found that people who take an REM sleep, a sleep wherein the sleeper can have dreams, help people become more imaginative and creative. If there’s a problem that needs solving in the office, you might want to consider hitting the hay more than stressing your brain to come up with a solution.

It is also common knowledge that the mind and body go through wear and tear during the day. Naps can help workers boost their performance and productivity as they help in managing energy. Instead of spreading yourself too thin doing all sorts of tasks, opt to take a refreshing nap.

A key to living healthy is to listen to your body. While it is true that we have tasks to accomplish all throughout the day, pushing ourselves too hard may not be the best solution. Never resort to that. You need to recharge and reboot, and a few minutes of midday naps can help you do that.