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Uratex Radiant Quilted Mattress

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Uratex Radiant Quilted Mattress

The Uratex Radiant Quilted Mattress' high-quality medium firm foam is complemented by a quilted jacquard fabric for long-lasting comfort and durability.



Discover your good night’s sleep with the Uratex Radiant Quilted Mattress. Combines high-quality foam with quilted, jacquard fabric for a medium firm feel. It’s a mattress that is built for long-lasting comfort and durability.

Product Specs


(Thickness x Width x Length)

  • 4x36x75
  • 4x48x75
  • 4x54x75
  • 4x60x75
  • 6x36x75
  • 6x48x75
  • 6x54x75
  • 6x60x75


  • Jacquard Fabric Cover

  • High Quality Foam

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