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Top Home Cleaning Hacks for a Comfortable Rainy Season

Maintaining a clean, dry and safe bedroom can be very challenging during rainy season. There are hacks you need to follow if you want to ensure a tidy bedroom that will keep the family safe and comfortable throughout the rainy days. Your efforts will involve the rest of your home. Get started with your rainy day cleaning right away. Allow the following home and bedroom cleaning tips to guide you.

Keep the drainage clean

Hacks Drainage

Photo courtesy of Jking via Pixabay

First and foremost, you must keep your home’s drainage system clean and clear of any waste or debris that can block the drain. Any such blockage can cause water to gather and stagnate. This, in turn, can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This could easily lead to the spread of diseases and unwanted visits to the doctor, not to mention enormous hospital bills.

Water that has stagnated for a long time can emit a musty odor. The unpleasant odor can rise up to the surface and permeate your home, creating a smelly and unhealthy atmosphere. Worse, the stagnant water can leak into the foundations of the house, weakening its structural integrity. The resulting moisture may also find its way up to the walls or floorboards, causing warping, discoloration, or water stains. Stagnant water can can also make your home prone to mildew, mold, and bacteria.

Check for leaking roofs

Hack Roof

Photo courtesy of jarmoluk via Pixabay

Another key thing you must do is check for possible leakages in your roofs. You must do this before the rainy season starts. If you are unable to fix any such leakages, it will lead to bigger problems come rainy season. Roof leaks can cause damage to the attic area and whatever you have stored in it. They can also damage your interior ceiling, the plaster and paint on nearby walls, and ceiling-mounted fans and lights. Worse, mold and mildew can form in the long run. Mold can then spread throughout the structure of your home, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and to other parts of your home via the vents and into your furniture, carpets and clothing. The most common type of mold to result from chronic water intrusion is the black mold, which can get toxic. Mold and mildew can cause serious health issues, including asthma, inflammations, rhinitis, and nasal congestion. Mold spores can continue producing once they’ve formed and can lead to asthmatic symptoms, allergic reactions and other such health problems.

Keep your floor and feet clean and dry

Hacks Rain

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When rainy season has come, you can keep your floor dry by using water absorbent mats that will soak dirty water and mud from your feet. It will also help prevent slipping accidents due to wet floors. Keeping your home clean and dry is extremely important, albeit it may require two to three times a day of mopping during rainy days. Remember to keep all windows and doors closed whenever possible to prevent water from seeping in.

Mopped floors tend to stay damp throughout the day. To make sure that your carpets do not get damaged, keep them stored during rainy days. A wet carpet can be a breeding ground for germs and diseases, so this is something you definitely want to avoid. Make sure you have it aired out before storing it away. Also, you must remember to use a cleaning agent when mopping the floor. Pests like flies, bugs, and cockroaches thrive during rainy season. Opt for a cleaning agent that was created to keep insects away. You should also try to dry mop the house to prevent dampness. You want to avoid moisture as much as possible.

Install a mud room and consider hard flooring

Hacks Floor

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People’s foyers are most likely to be muddled with footprints and slicked with water during rainy days. It is also common to see shoes lining up either side of their doors. You don’t want the same set up in your own home. You would want to have a mud room instead, or a space specifically designed for people to take off their shoes and rain gear, as well as to store them. They are often a small, separate room with cubby holes for shoes, coat hooks, a bench, and sometimes sloped tile floors. If you do not have enough space at home, you can at least install coat hooks and a shoe rack just beside the door. Keep in mind that front entrances should be as much of a utilitarian space as an aesthetic one. You want to keep it easy to clean. On this note, you must consider hard floors, which require little maintenance. You would only have to go over it once with your mop after people had come in.

Keep your bed well-maintained

Hacks Bed

Photo courtesy of AlexVan via Pixabay

Moisture in the air can affect your linens. To make sure that your bedsheets and bed cover stay fresh and crisp, you should replace them every other week. You can have your linens dry cleaned, so you would not have to deal with too many wet stuff at home. You should also keep your bed and other pieces of furniture clean and dry. Although you usually use wet cloth for cleaning, you should opt for dry ones during the rainy season, as there is already a high level of moisture in the air. You may also use cleaning agents that are specially made for wooden furniture.

Do not neglect your foam, especially the ones your kids use. Dengue is especially rife during rainy season, and you want to keep your children protected against the onslaught of mosquitos and their accompanying diseases. One way you can safeguard them is by opting for a special kind of mattress – the Perfect Serenity Anti-Mosquito by Uratex. This mattress uses a special formulation that works great at repelling mosquitoes while the kids sleep. It is also treated with Sanitized, which is effective at preventing the growth of mildew, molds, odor, bacteria, and dust mites. This anti-mosquito mattress stays hygienic and fresh for a long time.

Fix all loose wires

Hacks Loose Wires

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Search your home for any loose wires, and make sure you have them fixed before the rainy season comes. You cannot always keep the rain from getting into your home, and water touching the loose wires can be a recipe for disaster. Electrical failure and short circuit can be very dangerous, and must be avoided at all costs.

Put these rainy day cleaning hacks to use, so you can ensure a dry, comfortable and safe season for your family.