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5 Reasons Why A Uratex Mattress Is Worth the Investment

As a leading brand of bed mattress in the Philippines, Uratex is committed to delivering high quality foam products for the best sleep possible. The impressive two main collections—Premium and Classic—have over 70 mattress and foam products with up to 15 years warranty. The brand’s budget friendliness is already a good reason why you should buy a Uratex mattress. But the benefits of a Uratex mattress go beyond competitive pricing. Learn the 5 invaluable benefits that make investing in a Uratex mattress worth it.

Uratex Mattress Increases your Energy and Productivity

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Some may downplay the importance of a bed mattress, but did you know that sleep problems are costing everyone billions of dollars? According to a Harvard University study, a staggering $63.2 billion is the cost of lost productivity due to sleep deprivation in the US alone. Certainly, your mattress should be able to support your sleep because your productivity and career are at stake.

With its latest sleep science innovations and the luxurious design, a premium mattress from Uratex is worth considering. The Orthocare Harmony is a memory foam mattress that caters to your orthopedic needs. The comfortable layers of natural and highly-resilient elastic foam provide impressive flexibility and balanced distribution of body pressure. You wake up with more energy to face the day’s challenges.

From the classic line, the Dual Essence Profound mattress is a great option. The innovations behind its creation smartly respond to your body’s needs during sleep. Because it’s a reversible mattress, the Dual Essence Profound lets you choose the best side for your body. The base is made of Permahard foam, recognized by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association for its ability to support your body and its sleeping position.

2. Bye-bye back pain

Uratex Mattress Bye Back Pain

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Compromising the quality of your mattress directly affects the quality of your sleep. If left unaddressed, the problem can lead to back pains and serious injury to your spine and vertebrae. A quality bed mattress allows you to alleviate the back pain problem due to poor sleep. A number of options from Uratex are designed to provide ample support to your back and can help completely eradicate back pains caused by inferior mattresses.

The Nuovoluxe Mattress from the classic line is designed to shape according to your body’s contours for effective pressure relief. It is made with the patented Nuovoplus® foam for a delicate, comfortable feel. The mattress is covered with thick, jacquard fabric that creates a smooth surface. From the premium line, the Premium Touch Sublime is a worthy option with its two layers or individually-wrapped coil springs. This kind of design can intelligently adjust to the movement of your body. Turning and tossing during sleep are significantly minimized because your sleeping position is properly supported.

3. Hygienic sleep and protection against illnesses

Uratex Mattress Hygienic Sleep and Protection

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A dirty old mattress is a serious health risk. If poorly made, a mattress can be a breeding ground for bad odor, germs, bacteria, allergies, and dust mites. Who would want themselves and their loved ones to sleep on a mattress that can potentially cause illnesses?

Uratex addresses this health issue with its innovative Sanitized® and 3D spacer technologies. From the Premium line, the Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh is designed to protect your mattress from the growth of harmful microorganisms and toxic elements. It also helps eliminate lingering bad odor caused by mildew and other factors. Unpleasant smells can affect the quality of your sleep. That is why the Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh was built with a memory foam formulated with complex compounds that offer long-lasting odor-free protection. You can comfortably enjoy your sleep without the stink. From the classic collection, the innovative Uratex Airlite Breeze used open-cell foam technology to let air flow freely. The 3D spacer fabric of this Uratex mattress works to keep things fresh and airy. This breathable mattress helps keep your sleep cozy and hygienic.

4. A most refreshing and cool sleep

Uratex Mattress Most Refreshing and Cool Sleep

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Even with a fan or an air-conditioner on, your sleeping environment can be affected by erratic temperature changes. We know how hot and humid it can be in the tropics. It’s hard for anyone to have a good sleep if they are sweating profusely. During the rainy season, it’s also a problem when you suddenly feel cold in the middle of your sleep. Remember that the human body needs to maintain balanced temperature during sleep, so a quality mattress will prove beneficial to your well-being.

Uratex mattresses are designed to help maintain ideal body temperature when sleeping. The Uratex Senso Memory Ultima Plus is a memory foam designed with Hydragel® beads to whisk away heat and let your body feel refreshed during sleep. Another good example is the Cool Reverie Ridge, which comes with a semi-knitted fabric cover with Adaptive® treatment technology. This mattress is affordable, yet it is made with a breakthrough fabric technology that smartly changes properties in response your body’s temperature changes.

5. Sleep soundly while taking care of the environment

Uratex Mattress Sleep Soundly while Taking Care of the Environment

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Consumers can have peace of mind when they know that their mattress was created with little ecological footprint. An environmentally-conscious consumer wondering where to buy a good mattress need not look further. As a top mattress brand, Uratex makes use of the best raw and environmentally-safe materials.

The NuLeaf mattress, for example, is made of 30% renewable polyol and natural palm oil essence. These materials contribute to a safe sleeping environment within and outside your bedroom. The anti-static knitted fabric enhances sleeping comfort while preventing the accumulation of electrostatic charge while you sleep. The Edge Collection Quilted Mattress is another good example. It’s a classic mattress with charcoal to provide clean and refreshing sleep. While being hypoallergenic, the Edge Collection Quilted Mattress gently supports your body with its medium firm comfort. You should feel relaxed and rejuvenated the next morning.

Healthy and comfortable sleep can be a dream come true to anyone with these 5 worthy benefits of a Uratex mattress Adhering to cutting-edge science and premier standards, Uratex has the perfect mattress for any budget and need without sacrificing quality. Be sure to check out their mattress collections to find out how much is a Uratex mattress that fits your budget and needs. Remember that Uratex regularly holds year-round sales, so be sure to follow them on social media for more savings.