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Sleep Better This Summer With These 12 Refreshingly Cool Tips

There is a different side to summer—the less fabulous one even inside summer-inspired homes. It’s not all sand and beach. It’s not all about getting a tan. With hot months getting even hotter, people risk suffering from heat strokes when they walk out on the street. No need to sweat it out in a gym. Let the heat in the room do it for you while doing absolutely nothing. Hot summer nights is also making it impossible for most people to sleep.

Damien Stevens, a professor of sleep medicine said that “almost any change of the environment has some degree of effect on sleep quality.” He said heat can easily disrupt sleep, reducing overall sleep quality. Science has an explanation to this: body temperature tends to cool down when people fall asleep and naturally rises upon waking up. This explains the relevance of temperature and good sleep, and why humans get the best sleep when the temperature is between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 23 degrees Celsius).

Unfortunately, electricity rates also usually go up during summer given the high demand. The dilemma is how to sleep better this summer without assaulting his electric bill? There are other ways to get better sleep on hot summer nights than going crazy over air-conditioning bills. Here are helpful sleep hacks on how to survive summer nights.

Hold on to cotton

Hold on to cotton

Silk is surely sexy, but save that (and polyester) for cooler nights. Choose cotton this summer because of its lightweight quality. Its fibers are thinner and more breathable. This promotes ventilation and better air flow when you sleep on them or in between the sheets. Go for light-colored sleepwear too.

Wear loose attires

Wear loose attires

When it comes to your nighttime apparel during hot summer nights, cotton is still the way to go. Get loose with oversized shirts and just shorts or underwear. Going nude remains a personal preference. Some say it makes them feel cooler, while some say it traps sweat.

The fan trick

If you are starting to get so frustrated because the fan is just blowing out hot air, you might want to point it somewhere else. Point box fans out the windows to allow it to push hot air out. This is how you create cross-breeze. If you are using a ceiling fan, one way to keep your room cool in summer is by making sure it is rotating counter-clockwise. This pulls hot air up and out instead of just twirling hot air around the room.


Fill those ice trays and put them in the freezer. Once hard, pour them in a shallow pan or bowl and then position it in front of a fan. This trick helps to circulate cooler air in the room. The air from the fan will pick up cold water from the ice cubes as they melt, creating a cool mist.

Cool your pulses

Those ice cubes have another use to help you sleep better this summer. Apply ice packs or cold compress to pulse points in your body. This includes the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles and behind the knees. This helps your body temperature fall, adjusting to your body’s natural temperature when in dreamland.

Easy with the cuddles

Easy with the cuddles

This can break the hearts of clingy, sweet love birds. But if you want your partner to get a more restful sleep this summer, you might want to stay away. Cuddling or body contact increases body heat which could make you feel a little sticky.

Sleep in the dark

Light bulbs—even environment-friendly ones—give off heat, so turn them off. During summer, take advantage of natural light as much as possible and when it starts to get dark, use minimal lighting to keep rooms cooler. It would also help to disconnect all electronics because gadgets and appliances also give off heat. Think of it this way: you are saving energy while cooling down.

Cool down with water

Cool down with water

Yes, you probably saw this coming. Water seems to have limitless benefits. Drinking water before bedtime balances your hormones, energy levels, muscles, and joints. This helps your body feel more relaxed before sleeping. Filling in the tank will also help you avoid dehydration during warm nights.

Get cold feet

We mean literally, of course. There are a lot of pulse points in our feet and ankles. What you can do is dunk your feet in cold water before hitting the sack. You may also take this sleep hack one step further by keeping a bucket of water near your bed where you can dip your feet when you are feeling hot. A cold shower is also recommended. This will help your body temperature cool down and get ready for bed.

Be an Egyptian

Wet a sheet or towel large enough to cover you. Spin it on the dryer until it is damp and not dripping. Place a dry sheet underneath your body and use the damp sheet as a blanket. Damp blanket will keep your body temperature low. This is called the Egyptian method.

An alternative is misting a top sheet and placing it inside a plastic bag. Throw it in the freezer. Lay it flat on the bed then remove it before bedtime.

Mind your position

Sleep on your side or in a “spread eagle” position to keep your body cooler. Sleeping in this position will allow better air flow. Also, don’t forget to sleep with your bare feet outside the sheets. Again, the feet have a lot of pulse points and keeping them outside the sheets will help you feel cooler.

Achieve a cool and refreshing sleep with a quality mattress

sleep with a quality mattress

Invest in a high-quality mattress that defies heat. There are a lot of mattresses for sale that use cooling technology to help you get a better sleep during summer nights. Among these sleep care products in the Philippines is the Uratex Airlite Collection with the Uratex Airlite Zephyr, Breeze, Cool, and Wind. These innovative mattresses are designed with Sleep Cool Technology© that uses open-cell foam and 3D Spacer fabric to effectively let air flow freely and give you a refreshed feeling even while you sleep.

There are many ways to survive summer nights, and the tricks are fairly simple and easy. Follow these tips and visit our blogs to help you avoid the tossing and turning on warm summer night. It’s time you start rewarding yourself with a #RefreshinglyCoolSummer sleep. What do you say?