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5 Premium Cool Sleep Solutions to Help You Drift Into Dreamland Tonight

Our brain and our body love the cold while we sleep. This is the simplest scientific explanation why we toss and turn and wake up in the middle of the night when we have night sweats and when we’ve been sleeping in a hot room.

Over a 24-hour period, our bodies naturally peak and decline. An hour or two before bedtime, our bodies start to cool down in preparation for rest. (Of course, there are other factors that might keep you from sleeping but that is a different matter altogether.) Dr. Cameron Van de Heuvel of the UniSA’s Centre for Sleep Research says that a few hours before bedtime, “the body starts to lose heat from its central core and that brings on increased feelings of tiredness in normal healthy adults.”

Setting the thermostat low is one of the ways to stay cool during the night. According to researches, the ideal nighttime room temperature is between 60º and 67º Fahrenheit. But other than this, there are other cool sleep solutions to help you sleep more soundly and more comfortably at night — from do-it-yourself solutions such as wearing cool, damp socks to investing in cool mattresses.

This mattress revolution has been helping people sleep better at night. One such innovation is Uratex Foam PhilippinesSenso Memory Ultima Plus Collection, , which features a wide range of sleep products such as mattresses, pillows, and toppers.


Cool beads to help you cool down

Senso Memory Ultima Plus

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

The body feels instant comfort when you finally lay on your bed after a long day. It’s not just because you can stretch and relax, but also because of the coolness of the bed as compared to the temperature outside. Now, imagine that the bed has cool beads acting like mini-robots fanning the entire mattress to keep it cool.

Senso Memory Ultima Plus from the Uratex collection is the solution to hot nights. It has Hydragel beads that absorb heat and help the body cool down. And since the mattress is made up of memory foam, your body gets to relax and be really comfortable. Memory foam mattresses conform to the shape and movement of the body according to pressure, relieving stress and pain points in the process.


Sleep faster with a cool pillow

Photo courtesy of Uratex

Sleep scientists have found that keeping the brain cool helps people with insomnia. This is why a cooling cap that contains circulating water with cool temperature is often prescribed for people with sleep disorders. A research from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that cooling caps helped insomniacs drift off to sleep in just 13 minutes and that they slept 89% of the time they were in bed.

If you are not suffering from insomnia and just want to find more ways to sleep earlier, a cool pillow is the next best thing. The Senso Memory Ultima Plus Traditional Pillow is formulated with cooling beads and wrapped in a cool fabric that will help you sleep faster. It is also comfortable because of the extra plush in the memory foam.


Instant relief while you sleep

Photo courtesy of Uratex

Most of us have this particular pillow that we love. They make us feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. If you are the type that feels like your head or neck is sore after a full night’s sleep, then maybe you should try the Senso Memory Cervical Pillow. It is made of premium memory foam that conforms to the shape of your head. It is also contoured for better neck support. It provides instant relief against pressure points in the head, neck and shoulders. Having this kind of pillow helps you sleep through the night without disruption, thus you wake feeling refreshed.

If you are allowed to take naps in the office or if you often feel like you have to lean back and rest your head for a little while, the Senso Memory Neckease Pillow is perfect for you. It is lightweight, compact and ideal for travel. With this pillow, you can sleep in an upright position and still be comfortable. Naps increase productivity according to research, so the Neckease Pillow is a perfect office buddy.


Cool topper for cooler moods

If you are short on budget for a new mattress but still desire to have a mattress that keeps you cool throughout the night, the Senso Memory Ultima Plus Mattress Topper is the next best thing. One of the best bed accessories for a comfortable sleep, this topper is spread out on top of your bed. It is specially formulated with Hydragel beads and is wrapped in a cool knit fabric for a cool sleep. When you had a truly good night’s sleep, you will wake up feeling refreshed and happy, and that will dictate your mood for the rest of the day.

This topper is also made of high-density visco-elastic foam for extra plush comfort and pressure relief. The topper has garterized straps to keep it in place even if you constantly move during sleep.


Aqua Cool Pillow

Photo courtesy of Uratex

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to rest your head on a soft, cool gel-like pillow? Wonder no more with the Senso Memory Celeste Gel Pillow from Uratex Philippines. It is formulated with Aqua Cool Gel technology that guarantees a revitalizing sleep. This breakthrough uses intermeshed, three-dimensional gel waves that help facilitate better airflow and a refreshing cooling sensation for the neck, head, and back. It uses memory foam covered in cool fabric for additional cooling effect for extra plush comfort. It is also sanitized to protect against bacteria, odor, mildew and dust mites.

These cool mattresses and accessories help guarantee a refreshingly good night’s sleep, something which you should never compromise. A good sleep helps you live healthy, be more productive, and be more positive and happy.