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Summer Colors for your Bedroom Makeover

Summer Bedroom

Summer is definitely the best time of the year, wherever you are in the globe. No matter how brief it is in your area, or how hot it gets, summer is awesome. It’s all about rest, relaxing, and unwinding. It’s more than just the season itself by title, and it’s more than just the schedules being freer to accommodate your plans to go out.

It has something to do with the “feel” of summer – the sights, the sensations, and the very atmosphere of it. To put it simply and easily, it’s mainly the colors of summer. It’s easily seen and recognized, and they’re transportable in the sense that you can apply it as a theme or color scheme for the things you love and the places you go to. Planning to give your beloved bedroom a makeover? Perfect. Let’s take a look at summer colors that are suitable for your bedroom.

Yellow Bedroom


Yellow has always been a happy color, and in relation to summer, you can doubly confirm how it relates. Yep! It’s all about sun. It’s the jaunty hue the source of life, light, and fun. The color itself gives off this aura of cheerfulness and wellness – joy. Having this as the dominant color of your bedroom will provide a summer feel all year round.

Blue Bedroom

Sky Blue

The color’s name itself is descriptive as to why it represents summer. Most of the time, clouds hide the blue hues of the sky, but such is absent in the season of summer. It’s a serene color and it adds a calming effect that allows for a more peaceful slumber.

Light Pink Bedroom

Light Pink

Pink is more of a specialized color mostly attributed for girls, but I’m open to the possibilities by it being used and enjoyed by males. Why should we stick to double standards, right? But in the broader sense, it’s definitely a girl’s color, perfect for adding that feminine touch. It’s also summer-attributing since it’s a common floral theme color which makes the background colors seem playful.

Lime Green Bedroom

Lime Green

Green is where all the nature is. It’s refreshing, and aside from summer itself, it’s the color of the first tier of life. Green is a restful and refreshing color, and it reminds you of plant growth – reminiscent of tropical rainforest. Lime green is a color that encourages unwinding and resting, and that’s what summer is all about. Now having it as your room’s theme is definitely relaxing.

Red Bedroom

Light Red

Remember that it’s light red, not crimson red. Red is a very welcoming and inviting color. It’s cheerful as well, kind of like pink, since they’re closely related in a color wheel. Red enhances the so-called “energy level” of a room, establishing an atmosphere that’s both inviting and romantic.

Now virtually, summer has a lot of colors, but if you’re deciding to apply a makeover for your room, the slightest changes can make for the biggest impacts, especially if that color is nearly everywhere in your bedroom.

Remember that it’s not just the wallpapers, sheets, curtains, or the bedspreads, but you can be creative by changing the theme of your room by transforming the color of other things. Now as you lie down comfortably on your foam bed, enjoy your sweet dreams at night and colorful summer-themed bedroom in the morning.