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How Summer Getaways Can Be Made Refreshingly Cooler

Who doesn’t like having a #RefreshinglyCoolSummer? Summer ideas are inspiring because they evoke a positive feeling. At Uratex Philippines, we believe that we can achieve these wonders every summer!

With the almost concluded #RefreshinglyCoolSumer campaign of Uratex, we were able to get a handful of great ideas from the fans themselves. From relaxing at the beach with the family to going on hikes, this summer was really far from boring. Summer 2016 may be drawing to a close, but we’d like to keep those happy summer memories with you as we move along to another season.

Here’s to reliving some of the best summer getaway ideas to warm you up during the upcoming rainy season. Save these 20 cool getaways ideas that have made your summer and can still make your next summer sweet, fun, and memorable!

1. Bonding at the Beach with the Family

Bonding at the Beach

Looking for a great bonding moment with your family and a wonderful way to have a cool summer? This is the simplest and the easiest to imagine, right? Sharing moments full of love and smiles is among the best ways to have a truly memorable summer.

2. Solo Relaxing Beach Trip

Solo Relaxing Beach Trip

A solo summer getaway at the beach allows you to unplug and relax. It can refresh not just the body but the mind as well. Feel the cool breeze of the wind while chilling out on a nice and comfy beach chair. A solo beach trip helps you to reconnect with yourself too.

3. Lasting Summer Memories with Your Parents


Lasting Summer Memories

A revitalizing comfort with Senso Memory Celeste Gel Pillow
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines


Career-oriented adults should find time to spend with their parents. After all, cool summer ideas are all about love and happiness. Janice Nogales, winner of Senso Memory Celeste Pillow, shares her story of a precious moment in a Batangas beach with her mom before the latter passed away. She was happy to rekindle that summertime and is reminded of an important lesson her mother taught her: to always be happy and be positive in life.

4. Breathe In Fresh Air

Breathe In Fresh Air

Alma Nonog, winner of the #RefreshinglyCoolSummer Getaway contest, opts to embark on her summer getaway in a cool place. Her ideal summer is to breathe fresh air amidst a spectacular scenery.

Did you know that you can get this equally relaxing moment at the comforts of your home? With superior bed mattresses, you definitely can! Just like the Uratex Airlite Collection, from which Alma won, you can get totally refreshing relaxation right in your own bed with our very own Sleep Cool® Technology. A refreshing treat, isn’t it?

5. Hiking in the Mountains


Hiking in the Mountains

Photo courtesy of Dani Corona via Unsplash


“Mountains are calling and I must go,” shares one participant in the #RefreshinglyCoolSummer contest. Hiking has many health benefits. Not only is it a good and relaxing exercise, but it can also boost brainpower. Whether alone or with a group, hiking is one of the most wonderful getaway ideas that can support your overall well-being.

6. Detoxify in Hot Springs


Detoxify in Hot Springs

Photo courtesy of Greenland Travel via Flickr, Creative Commons


Who can say no to a hot spring-sourced pool in a cool place? It can soothe your tired muscles and re-energize you. It’s also can detoxify your body and purify your skin for that lovely summer glow. The contrast of the cool breeze and hot water creates a perfect combination.

7. Relax on a Comfy Outdoor Lounge


Comfy Outdoor Lounge

Afternoon tea with the Olympia Chairs
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines


Monoblocks are not only great for the home, it’s also fantastic outdoors! Whether you’re going to the beach or just relaxing at home, you can spend a good deal of time unwinding with comfy lounge chairs. Chill out under a nipa cover, if you may, and have an Instagram-worthy summer!

8. Fun Pillow Fight

Fun Pillow Fight

DIY getaway ideas can be fun when done right. A homey vacation with your kids? It should be far from boring. Make great use of your plush Uratex pillows and have a playful pillow fight. Summer experiences are only as great as your ingenuity and imagination.

9. Bonding by the Bonfire


Bonding by the Bonfire

Photo courtesy of Kimson Doan via Unsplash


Bonfires will always have that cool summer vibe. Bonfires capture the ideal fun bonding. It’s also a great moment to bask in the ambiance of a summer evening as you roast mallows on the fire.

10. Luxurious Sleep During Summer Nights


Luxurious Sleep

Don’t you just want to come home and relax in your bed?
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines


After traveling, it’s always great to come home to a good bed mattress especially when it allows you to have a comfortable sleep during hot summer nights. It’s definitely a luxury you should get more of.

11. Watching Your Kids Build Sandcastles


Build Sandcastles

Photo courtesy of Visit St. Pete/Clearwater via Flickr, Creative Commons


Watching your kids have fun while building sand castles shouldn’t feel like a chore. With a Uratex foam with you at the beach, you can also have your chill time with your spouse as you allow your kids to have fun in the sun. That’s cool parenting without the stress and backache.

12. Staycation in a Fancy Hotel

Staycation in a Fancy Hotel

Many people opt to spend a summer weekend in a hotel. The home design ideas you find in modern hotels can be inspiring and relaxing. Check if the hotel upholds superior standards in all aspects, including the mattress you sleep in.

13. Nap Under a Tree

Nap Under a Tree

A cool summer nap under a tree with a Uratex foam and pillow is enough to refresh you. What a way to spend your summer afternoon while enjoying the company of nature. Enjoy the fresh smell of your surroundings and listen to the symphony of rustling leaves to make your nap extra relaxing.

14. Beach Ball with Friends


Beach Ball

Photo courtesy of amira_a via Flickr, Creative Commons


Playing with a beach ball with your friends is a great way to have a laughter-filled summer getaway. The eye-catching view of the sea as the sun goes down is complemented by the bonding your share with your pals.

15. Visit Travel Destinations


Visit Travel Destinations

Photo courtesy of Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ via Flickr, Creative Commons


Majestic destinations like Palawan are staples for a great summer getaway. Spell perfect vacation as you dip in the cool water and marvel at the wonders of the environment.

16. Enjoy the Cool Freshwater

Cool Freshwater

The cool waters of a serene river are best enjoyed in the heat of the summer. Freshwater is simply energizing. It’s a fantastic alternative for those who are not so much into the idea of sea, sand and sun.

17. DIY Beach Camping

DIY Beach Camping

Beach camping is one of the best DIY summer getaway ideas that provides a much-needed respite from the toxic city life. You get to watch the starry sky at night with your friends and family. To help you feel like you’re living a dream, make sure you have all camping necessities including cooking gears and a convenient foldable mattress from Uratex.

18. Visit Your Hometown

Visit Your Hometown

Visiting your hometown feels special during summer. You get to reconnect with your family and childhood friends while you eat home-cooked meals and fresh goodies. With functional and comfortable home furniture, you’ll get that familiar sense of what a home truly is.

19. Soothing Body Massage

Soothing Body Massage

Sometimes all the summer trips can make your body crave for a good massage. Having a relaxing time at the spa can comfort your sore body and help you have a recharging rest.

20. Feel Centered among the Trees

among the trees

More and more people are appreciating quieter summer getaways. While the summer party scene can be fun, there’s just something profoundly enjoyable spending a moment in a cool place full of trees. You feel more centered and at peace with the world.

Knowing how to plan a cool summer getaway is a gift that allows you to live life to the fullest. Summer may be over, but the cool memories you’ve created with yourself, friends and family last a lifetime. Make more of them with the help of Uratex Philippines today!