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When is the Right Time to Buy a New Mattress?

Normally, half an hour is all it takes for us to clean our bodies, eat our meals, clean our car, wash our clothes, fix our things, etc.  On the other hand, we spend six to eight hours (a third or quarter of a day) sleeping on our bed mattresses.

Have you ever realized that we use the mattresses the longest in our daily lives? Then again, most of us do not realize that we should also change our mattresses. They may not have expiration dates written when we first bought them, but certainly, they don’t last for eternity.

Buying a New MattressSo when is the right time to buy a new one? Ask yourself the following questions:

1.     Do you experience body pain frequently?

If yes, then the mattress might be too old already. Did you know that neck and back pains can be caused by the holes and sags of old mattresses? If you’re one who’s been sleeping on the same bed mattress for over 15 or 20 years, try tossing it over regularly (i.e. every three or six months). The first time you do this, try to observe how the mattress is worn out only on one side. Flipping the mattress will even out the wear pattern of the material. If the pain persists, then it might really be time to finally buy a new mattress.

2.     Are the box springs still fine?

Firstly, what is a box spring? Wikipedia answers, “It is a type of bed base typically consisting of a sturdy frame that is placed on top of a wooden or metal bedframe sitting on the floor and acting as a brace.” It functions as an extra layer of cushioning, which absorbs the impact transmitted through mattresses from long-time handling.

Secondly, know that box springs contribute to the breaking down of the mattress’ inner substances such as springs, foam, batting and topper. So you should also regularly inspect the box springs or boards if they’re bent or worn. Having the box springs well-kept supports the “life of the mattress”, adding to its durability.

Mattress Shopping3.     Did your mattress gain a high amount of excessive weight?

Of course you didn’t weigh your mattress the first time you bought it, right? But think about this: every so often, the mattresses absorb dust from the atmosphere, just like anything else in the house. The dining table gets cleaned up every after meal; the kitchen floor gets swept; the mirrors get wiped down with soap and water; the bed sheets get into laundry once in a while—and only the bed mattress remains unnoticed. Surely, it has accumulated a lot of debris and skin cells from its owner.

With these dirt and dust, the life of the mattress gets shortened. Suggested practice is to use a vacuum or steam cleaner to clean it.

If the mattress becomes hard like rock (because of the “loam”) when it’s not supposed to be, then consider buying a new one for a satisfactory sleep. After all, it’s one of the best investments in creating a home sweet home!