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“Time for Shut-Eye!” The Dreaded Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

Being deprived of sleep has many negative side effects. As you well know, lack of sleep is never good for the body. Any feeling of temporary boost is only likely to end up messing up your circadian rhythm even more, and will thus make it even more difficult for you to sleep.

The human body was designed to take an average of 7 hours per night. Any less is abuse. Some of you readers may not realize it, but you are probably derived of sleep. You’re just not noticing it anymore because you’ve been living with so little nightly sleep that you just got used to it. Even if you’re accustomed to it, it doesn’t change the fact your body needs to spend more time with your beloved bed mattress. Let’s take look at symptoms of sleep deprivation:


We’ve previously discussed how lack of sleep can make you fat. You can read the article again as to how it works, but in a nutshell, it basically slows down your metabolism. Additionally, it increases your appetite since the more your body is awake, the more it needs energy. Believe it or not, if you have gained a few pounds recently, the simple solution can be as simple as getting proper sleep.


When you find yourself losing your train of thought more often than usual due to disorientation, you can sadly conclude that you are, in fact, sleep deprived. Your mind and your body both need the rest which comes from sleep. Depriving yourself of it will only cause yourself to function poorly either mentally or physically or both.


Just like mental impairment, forgetfulness is a really undesirable consequence of sleep-deprivation. In an earlier article it was discussed how memory and learning are related to sleep. Consolidation, which is the most important part of any learning process, happens while sleeping. Less sleep gives consolidation less time to fully do its work, and thus, forgetfulness takes place. Memory gaps are unwanted, so invest more time in your slumbers.


You have a hard time sleeping because you’re stressed, and then you end up even more stressed because you didn’t get enough sleep. Notice the cycle? It’s dreadful. However, if you just cut off the cycle once, then it all goes uphill. It just takes a little bit of meditation, relaxation, a little bit of patience, and of course, an awesome bed mattress.

The ramifications of being void of sleep seem so grave and dour, but it only gives us more reason to stay in bed for longer periods of time, and to enjoy your beds. Sadly, this postmodern way of life is getting mainstream. No amount of sleeping pills will equal the soothing cradling arms of natural sleep. But as for you, do your best and enjoy the night!