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Take a Nap Anywhere: 20 Unusual Nap Nooks for Quick Z’s

Who doesn’t need and crave for a good snooze? It’s a basic human need vital for a productive existence. Did you know that even 15 to 20 minutes of napping can do wonders to boost your alertness and motor performance? There are several factors that prevent you from enjoying a relaxing sleep, which may include your daily worries and busy schedule. It can also be the lack of a great environment conducive to sleeping. Get inspired by these 20 different nap nook ideas for your most rejuvenating sleep.

1. Floating Bed on a Lake

Floating Bed on a Lake

Photo courtesy of bluepueblo.tumblr.com via Pinterest

One of the most amazing places you can sleep in is a floating outdoor bed atop a calm lake. The serenity is simply undeniable and breathtaking. You can nap and feel you’re in a relaxing dream.

2. Shire-inspired Sleeping Space

Shire-inspired Sleeping Space

Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed via Pinterest

Remember the magical place of the Shire in Lord of the Rings? Recreate the interior design of a Hobbit house with this cozy sleeping pod. It feels rustic yet retains the comfort conducive to a great afternoon nap.

3. Cinematic Sleep/Watch Nook

Cinematic Sleep Nook

Uratex Fold-A-Mat with Waterproof Underlining
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Unusual sleeping space ideas must combine the right amount of quirk and comfort. If you love watching movies with family and friends, you will love this outdoor sleeping/watching area. You can go straight to your nap after watching a movie. Or, pop in a movie and have a nap while it is playing in the background.

To recreate this dream nap nook, a convenient foldable mattress will help you from Uratex Foam Philippines. More than just space-saving, the Uratex Fold-A-Mat with Waterproof Underlining is also durable and aesthetically perfect for this nook design.

4. Indoor Haven

Indoor Haven

Photo courtesy of designlovefest via Pinterest

Any indoor person will love this relaxing pod that can double as a napping area. You’ll feel like you’ve brought in a heavenly lifestyle with this unique design idea. As simple as it looks, it really is one of the easiest designs to pull off. You will only need only chiffon curtain, secure hinges, and any bare space that you can maximize.

5. Cozy Closet Nook

Cozy Closet Nook

Photo courtesy of facebook.com via Pinterest

Remember when you were younger and would hide inside the cabinet and create your own world? Well, you can repeat that experience with this design. A compact sleeping space inside a cabinet feels cozy and secure. You’ll feel relaxed and “cocooned” in your space.

6. Bohemian Outdoor Area

Bohemian Outdoor Area

Photo courtesy of wildbindi.blogspot.com.au via Pinterest

An outdoor nap area is great for entertaining. It’s also fantastic if you just want a big yet comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors while dozing off. Add lots of pillows to create a cozy and colorful atmosphere. Decorate the space with accessories that can withstand the elements.

7. Whimsical Cabin Nook

Whimsical Cabin Nook

Photo courtesy of Design*Sponge via Pinterest

A nap pod that looks like a cabin and feels like a holiday? Yes, please! This bed style is wonderful if you like that country and holiday vibe. Perhaps it’s the reindeer or the warm blanket. You can easily recreate this look to your preference and budget.

8. Desert Pool Swing

Desert Pool Swing

Photo courtesy Topista via Pinterest

Getting a nap anywhere is not easy unless the spot is as unique and relaxing as this one. You don’t have to live in a desert to enjoy this little oasis. Feel free to utilize materials that won’t break the bank. Be creative! Unique designs need not be expensive. Why not set it up near a wall garden or a little water wall?

9. Hanging Bridge Niche

Hanging Bridge Niche

Photo courtesy of Michelle Jennings Wiebe via Pinterest

Nap nooks made of wood evoke that romantic countryside atmosphere. Add a hanging bridge and you have a unique and wonderful niche. Depending on location, you can elevate or transform this area into an outdoor bedroom. Add protection like mosquito nets, or use soft, sheer curtains for that attractive design.

10. Mini Cabin Hideaway

Mini Cabin Hideaway

Photo courtesy of diyandmag.com via Pinterest

You can still have your own cabin hideaway even if you don’t have a cabin in the woods. Your backyard will do! A sofa style nook is perfect for this. It doesn’t require much space. Sofa styles are also great if you have kids and pets because they’re easy to maintain.

11. Heavenly Nook of Flowers

Heavenly Nook of Flowers

Photo courtesy of Bloglovin’ via Pinterest

Modern life has made people wonder about how to get easy sleep. We have so many worries that even a quick nap is a battle. This heavenly nook under a canopy of flowers can do just the trick. It can send you to dreamland in no time. Choose a comfortable bed mattress and pillows that are suited to your preference. Just like the Uratex Air Lite Mattress with its new cutting-edge technology–a three-dimensional ventilation around the mattress–for a cooler, dreamier nap even in your creative, out-of-the-box nook.

12. Hanging Bed and Pond Sanctuary

Hanging Bed and Pond Sanctuary

Photo courtesy of ronamag.ca via Pinterest

Looking for that sanctuary feel among different nap nook designs? Look no further than this Zen-inspired nook by a pond. Hanging bed types are wonderful to create an “airy” feel. Pairing this bed type with a home garden can create your perfect sanctuary in the comfort of your own backyard.

13. Camping Tent with a Twist

Camping Tent with a Twist

Photo courtesy of Housetohome via Pinterest

Do you often go camping and would like to make it a regular activity in your home? It’s possible with this tent-inspired nap nook, which also has the sleeping hub benefit. It’s great if you have an outdoor space with trees, but you can definitely adjust based on what is available. This interesting sleeping hub design can be personalized for you and your family. You can even recreate it inside your kid’s bedroom as a napping and play area.

14. Outdoor Napping Haven

Outdoor Napping Haven

Photo courtesy of Vivianna_love via Flickr, Creative Commons

Quaint bedroom ideas like this one are popular because they conjure up a dreamy space. It’s fantastic for both outdoor and indoor spaces. The actual bed need not to be fancy, but it’s best to invest in a great foam mattress and give it a very relaxing and comfortable ambience.

15. Unique Corner Hideaway

Unique Corner Hideaway

Photo courtesy of Dwell via Pinterest

This design is great for nap rooms at universities because it’s easy and affordable. The idea is to maximize spaces that may seem unworkable at first. Splash the area with pastel colors. Using a sturdy yet comfortably foam is a must and easy since cutting-edge mattresses from the Uratex Foam Philippines have become widely available even in countries like the Philippines.

16. Green Outdoor Sofa Nook

Green Outdoor Sofa Nook

Photo courtesy of Babble via Pinterest

Sofa bed in the Philippines are ideal for outdoor spaces. They’re easy to move around and maintain. Most cases require only soft and colorful covers especially when the quality of the sofa bed is great.

17. Tasseled Garden Hammock

Tasseled Garden Hammock

Uratex Backease Pillows
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Hammocks are delightful and convenient to add to your living space. To make it exciting and out of the ordinary, use hammocks with striking colors and textures. The tassels add that whimsical touch you and your home may just need.

18. Cool Nook for Kids

Cool Nook for Kids

Photo courtesy of kickasshomes.imgfave.com via Pinterest

Do you want your kids to have a great yet unique sleeping space? Try this futuristic nap room that mimics a spaceship or a high-tech aircraft. Not only will you be creating a relaxing space for them, you can also fire up their imagination and creativity.

19. Indoor-Outdoor Alcove

Indoor-Outdoor Alcove

Photo courtesy of highondreaming.tumblr.com via Pinterest

If you live in a condo, you might be wondering how to transform your balcony into one of those great snooze rooms. This design is a fine option. It combines functionality and comfort. It allows you to look up in the sky at night and have a rejuvenating snooze outdoor.

20. Sheltered Backyard Hideaway

Sheltered Backyard Hideaway

Photo courtesy of DigsDigs via Pinterest

Living in the hot tropics is no excuse not to have a great outdoor napping area. You just have to adapt to your surroundings a little. Instead of making the spot completely open, place it in a green corner so you can still relax even in the high noon or during an afternoon drizzle.

Recreate these unique nap nooks ideas for sleeping anywhere and enjoy the relaxation and comfort they bring. It bears repeating that unusual and wonderful need not be expensive or difficult. Remember: imagination is free a resource that you can tap to create the best nap area you can call your own. You can also run to Uratex Foam Philippines for easy foam customization to help you achieve the dream nap area of your home.